Pastured Organic Lamb, DEPOSIT for HALF Lamb (Net Wt. 12-20 lbs @ 16.89/lb), PICKUP AT FARM in Autumn 2022 (more info)

Our lambs are raised with their ewes on our lush Spring pasture. The meat is nutrient rich, with the proper fat profile (high in omega-3 and CLA), tender and delicious!
No toxic antibiotics or dewormers are ever used and no grain is fed.

You will receive your product shrink-wrapped in small individual cuts. The packaging is heavy FDA food-grade plastic, which is suitable for long term freezing.
Cuts include: leg, fore shank, rib chops, loin chops, shoulder, liver, and ground.

This item is a HALF lamb with a $30 DEPOSIT. If you desire a whole lamb or more, please increase the quantity of halves you are ordering.

You are purchasing the live animal at a cost of approximately $5/lb live weight. The average net weight of a half lamb is about 15 lb. and will cost approximately $250 total. The balance is due when you pick up your lamb at the farm, cash or check. At that time, the exact net weight and price will be known.

You will receive a notification about a week in advance of your order being ready for pickup.

Directions are available here.


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