About Us


Soil is the foundation of our farm. We manage our land without the use of any toxic inputs in order to maintain and protect long-term soil health, increasing soil stability and mineralization, and decreasing erosion and water evaporation. The soil is living and energetic; a biological complex of microbes, fungi, plants, insects, and animals. Permanent pasture is an important carbon sink, reducing atmospheric carbon and building strong soil structure.

Our pasture contains a variety of plants providing diverse nutrients. Legumes in the pasture fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil at root level, providing free and natural fertilization with no excess nitrogen run-off that would contaminate surface water. Rather than amending soil tilth and pH with agricultural lime which contains only minimal amounts of plant nutrients, we use our own wood ash mixed with composted manure. Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium (potash) is added to the soil when wood ash is used as a liming material, and wood ash is more soluble allowing better soil absorption.

We raise all of our livestock on our pastures, the only proper environment for them to live in. Our lambs consume only their mother's milk and green pasture. Our poultry eat plenty of plants and insects, reducing the amount of additional feed needed.

This pasture based diet increases the omega-3 fatty acid content in the meat and eggs.

We feed only certified organic whole grains to our poultry. We also feed all our animals OMRI listed organic kelp as a vitamin and mineral supplement. Kelp, a sea grass, contains an optimal balance of minerals for excellent nutrition and it also builds soil fertility.

The result is a higher level of health and nutrition in the pasture, in the animals, and in you.

We keep a permanent flock of layer hens and sheep, and we breed our sheep here on our farm. Unlike larger farms, even large organic and "humane" farms, we allow our layer chickens their natural and necessary rest period of molting in the winter instead of subjecting them to artificial light in order to force them to continue laying. Our livestock are treated truly humanely, with the best of conditions and plenty of space, eliminating stress and illness. These sustainable methods maintain our soil, promote public health, and produce nutritious, safe, and delicious food.


We take advance orders throughout the year. Please make your lamb order early in the year, as we are often sold out by the end of April. You can buy a whole or half share of lamb and it is ready for you in early July.

Whole chicken is raised on spring and autumn pasture and is available most of the year. You may purchase as few as one, or take advantage of a 10% discount for a box of 10 or more. We offer this discount to encourage efficiency of the transaction. A larger order is more time efficient for us, and more fuel efficient for the transport of the food; important concepts in the "local" food production economic model.

Heritage turkey orders for Thanksgiving are taken throughout the year, but should be made by March 1st to ensure we will raise one just for you. After March 1st they are 'first come- first served' until sold out.

Eggs are available in the spring, summer and fall. They can be ordered online, and they are also available on our farm stand, self serve.

Honey, organic herbs, firewood, and more are available on our farm stand seasonally. You are welcome to visit and see how we raise your food.

To Your Health!

David & Anna