Pastured heritage turkey 10 to 12 lb, PICKUP AT FARM, for Thanksgiving (more info)

Heritage Black Spanish Turkey~ A rare breed which can be traced back to the 1500s when explorers brought this bird back to Europe from Mexico. Black turkeys were present in the holds of ships making the transatlantic crossing from Europe back to the New World, and were raised by early colonists. It is believed that the turkey consumed at the first Thanksgiving meal may have been these European Blacks, rather than wild turkeys native to the continent.

This breed is on the endangered watch list with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Breeding populations are making a comeback in recent years, helping to maintain genetic diversity among domestic animals which humans depend upon.

We start our young turkeys on certified organic grains and OMRI listed organic kelp as a vitamin and mineral supplement. They then grow for 7 months on our pastures, eating only the natural diet they forage of plants and insects.

Due to their natural, slow rate of growth on pasture, heritage turkeys are far healthier and have time to build a flavorful layer of fat, compared with commercial "self-basting" turkeys which are injected with solutions of vegetable oil, water, and salt to try to compensate for the dryness and poor texture of the meat. Heritage turkey is thicker skinned, the flesh is firmer, more succulent and juicy, and far more richly flavored.

If you order by March 1 we will raise a turkey just for you.
After that date it's first come, first served. You will receive your turkey the week prior to Thanksgiving day. This product is shipped only in NJ via Fedex ground next day. Shrink wrapped and shipped frozen. There is an added charge for shipping.


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