Pastured whole chicken, spring season, PICKUP AT FARM. Net wt- 3.85lb @ $8.89/lb (more info)

Our chicken is raised seasonally in the spring and fall on our lush pastures. We freshly grind certified organic whole grains daily so our chickens do not eat rancid ground feed which has been stored for weeks or months in a warehouse. We use no soy, instead feeding OMRI listed organic fish meal, an expensive source of very high quality protein. We add kelp, a sea grass, for complex and complete micro and macro minerals in perfect balance.

Our fresh feed combined with the fresh plants and insects of pasture ensures the highest quality diet and the proper omega-3 fatty acid content in the meat. The result is a strong, healthy flock, and nutritious meat which is non-toxic and rich in flavor! No antibiotics are ever used. No Marek's disease vaccination or Gentamicin are used in the eggs.

This item is a whole chicken, shrink wrapped in an FDA approved food grade plastic bag, suitable for long term freezing without freezer burn.

We will email you when your chicken is ready. Spring season chicken is raised on pasture through June, and is ready for pick up starting in April. Fall season chicken is raised on pasture through November, and is ready starting in September.
We appreciate your early order which helps us to determine how many chickens to raise!

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